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For any thing that appears to the contrary, objects might be supposed to have no direct communication with the internal sense of pleasure or pain, but to act upon it through some intermediate, very confined organ, capable of transmitting little more than the simple impulse. The war is teaching us […]

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{37c} Some long narrow ravines are found to intersect the banks. To be an Edinburgh Reviewer is, I suspect, the highest rank in modern literary society. There seems much, then, to be said for the hypothesis that all varieties of joyous laughter (when not reduced to a mechanical form) are […]

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Perhaps, indeed, we have in this jocose imposition on the imposer a suggestion of the merry-making of kings and peoples at the expense of the clergy which was so marked a feature in medi?val hilarity. Their minds are cast in a peculiar mould, and they cannot produce nor receive any […]

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Mankind in general, are not made better by treatment that shows our want of confidence in them. That humour is—in its clearest and fullest utterance at least—the possession of modern times, the period ushered in by the appearance of the great trio, Rabelais, Cervantes and Shakespeare, is explained by saying […]

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This limitation strikes one as a little arbitrary. It has been an universal complaint, that there is nothing certain or fixed in the treatment of Insanity, and that it is presumed it is not yet fully understood. The conflict in his case has ended definitely with the triumph of the […]

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All that this passion desires is to see him happy, without regarding who was the author of his prosperity. One to whom words and serious points of view are sacred things, will barely suffer any form of this recreation. It is concealed from ordinary observation by a covering of hair, […]

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ghostwriter esl service online essays. A woman accused of adultery went to the saint and laying her hand on him swore to her innocence, when the esl essays ghostwriter service online hand immediately withered and remained a permanent witness of her guilt and her perjury.[1183] Even without any special sanctity […]

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Now, if the piles are inserted into the beach in a continuous range towards the sea, leaving a space between each pillar, from two to three feet apart, it may readily be inferred, that the desirable object will be realized, and a permanent good will be obtained. Different minds may […]