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letter sample cover gw. Yet in this period how much trivial incident, how much banal reminiscence, has been thought worthy of enshrinement in bulky octavos, selling at four dollars each! And, on the contrary, though in the intentions of any person, there was either no laudable degree of benevolence on […]

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The disorderly, even when it applies to a room, is, to say the least, powerfully suggestive of the ways of rompish play. It was conducted with all judicial ceremonies, in presence of Henry II., not to settle a point of honor, but to justify Jarnac from a disgusting accusation brought […]

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After deducting, in any one particular case, all that must be acknowledged to proceed from some one or other of these four principles, I should be glad to know what remains, and I shall freely allow this overplus to be ascribed to a moral sense, or to any other peculiar […]

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It belongs among the “curiosities of literature.” Professional linguists will probably consider the most important generalization debated in this Part that of the identity or diversity of the agglutinative and incorporative processes of tongues. Thank heaven they do not tempt the librarian. There I strolled one eventide In the garden […]

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There are many people who appreciate the expression of sincere emotion in verse, and there is a smaller number of people who can appreciate technical excellence. Possibly the best way to answer these may be to give a brief account of the way in which the work was done in […]

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If it is pleasure, he has temperance to refrain from it; if it is pain, he has constancy to bear it; if it is danger or death, he has magnanimity and fortitude to despise it. Consequently as the desire of the ultimate gratification of the appetite is not the same […]

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There should be just so much and of just such a kind as will result in the maximum degree of service rendered to the public. In many cases, they become attached to them, and prefer remaining with them. Not only are the topics the same; the very same phrases—whole batches […]

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His benefactor seems unworthy of it. Twelve cards were taken, three inscribed “is” and nine “is not,” and nine of them were distributed among the men selected. We must, as we shall see presently, supplement the common mode of dealing with laughter as an abstract psychological problem, by bringing into […]

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Much as I honor the advocates of civil-service reform, and applaud what they have accomplished in the way of furthering a real merit system, I submit that a further step in advance may be taken when we have heads of municipal departments as unlikely to make political appointments as the […]

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Both are unpurchasable. {334} What first strikes the eye here, perhaps, is the fine display of human oddities. But I love my own particular good as consisting in the first conception I have of some one desirable object for the same reason, for which I afterwards love any other known […]