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It was the Goddess that inspired him, the Siren that seduced him; and whether as saint or sinner, was equally welcome to him. The former opinion has been the more popular, and has given rise to the imitative or “onomatopoetic” theory of language. These deposits are occasionally mixed with masses […]

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The subject occurred to me from some conversation with a French lady, who entertains a project of introducing Shakespear in France. (1) INSTINCT AND HEREDITY We have already alluded to the part played by instinct in determining the initial character of the ego. If we can recollect but a few, […]

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To the illiterate and vain, affectation and verbiage will always pass for fine writing, while the world stands. The work of a much-discussed playwright was about to be put upon the boards. First, let us ask a question or two. The hardness or softness of bodies, or the greater or […]

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What, let us ask ourselves, are library statistics for? According to the German authority just quoted, the effect depends here, too, on variation in respect of the intensity and the locality of the stimulation. Its location is on one of the great ancient trails leading from the north into the […]

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Charlemagnes of appreciation. It is an agreeable pastime, too, for our half-retired observer to watch the fierce struggles of men and women in these days to gain a footing within the charmed circle. Still more may a pretty face be loved when it has no mental or spiritual qualities behind […]

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Omer.[1192] If the legend of St. {137} Concerning the subject of self-command, I shall only observe further, that our admiration for the man who, under the heaviest and most unexpected misfortunes, continues to behave with fortitude and firmness, always supposes that his sensibility to those misfortunes is very great, and […]

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Rights facts act voting 1965 14th amendment of essay. Moore gives no description of what she saw on the sixth and seventh days, and is presumably referring to a vague resemblance to a rudiment of a smile which had no {166} expressive significance; and some things in Preyer’s account lead […]

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about hear you did homework math. Nothing comes out more plainly in Moliere’s plays than the good-natured accommodation of social requirements to human infirmities. According to the theory here referred to, of which Prof. {40b} Wherever a shoal of sand exists in the offing, at a distance beyond where the […]

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Multi essay samples genre. In particular, every library, especially in a small city where there is no local guide-book, should be a repository of local religious information. What a situation for an Englishman to be placed in[7]! Lamoignon vainly endeavored to obtain for him the advantage of counsel, but Colbert […]