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This plan, as I have said, appeals to those who revel in regulations and specifications, but I can recommend it no more than the other. There is no allusion to such customs in the Welsh codes up to the close of the twelfth century, and the few indications which occur […]

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44. As benevolence bestows upon those actions which proceed from it, a beauty superior to all others, so the want of it, and much more the contrary inclination, communicates a peculiar deformity to whatever evidences such a disposition. Observation and accurate description will never result in duplication. Yet would it […]

A sweatshop romance

The violator of the laws of a sweatshop romance justice ought to be made to feel himself that evil which he has done to another; and since no regard to the sufferings of his brethren is capable of restraining him, he ought to be over-awed by the fear of his […]

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Persons who desire to work simply for the material reward will select some other field. The appetites of hunger and thirst, the agreeable or disagreeable sensations of pleasure and pain, of heat and cold, &c., may be considered as lessons delivered by the voice of Nature herself, directing him what […]

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As an illustration the passage is worth quoting: “Truly this Gucumatz became a wonderful king. Why should we have more horror of insanity, than many other consequences of ill-regulated minds.—To me, the foul ward of some large public Hospital, is incomparably more horrible and loathsome.—Such direct consequences of wickedness present […]

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In the present position of the stone, which is the same as that stated by Captain Dupaix, the head of the principal figure, called “the giant,” lies toward the east, while the right hand is extended toward the north and the left toward the west. Robertson points out, very pertinently, […]

Noboro and his oedipus complex

5. To these laughter is so precious and sufficing a good in itself, that to propose to connect it with some extrinsic and serious purpose looks like robbing it of its delicious freeness and enslaving it to its traditional foe, excess of seriousness. The worthy missionary, dining with King Harold […]

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_Polix._—Wherefore, gentle maiden, Do you neglect them? It is this effeminacy, this immersion in sensual ideas, or craving after continual excitement, that spoils the poet for his prose-task. Cumberland. Situated on a narrow strip of land, less than a mile in breadth, and stretching five miles from north to south, […]

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essay on narrative wedding a. A true “Pal?olith” is a typical chipped stone implement, the position of which when found leads us to believe that it was manufactured in the older of these periods. inches wide. Nor does it seem to have been generally attended to, that there was any […]