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Why does it trouble you? These were not early acquisitions. Things of so fleeting a nature can never be the objects of science, or of any steady or permanent judgment. Both the pulpit and the library utilize these methods for themselves and often for outside bodies, but not often for […]

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LUCK IN THE LIBRARY “It is better to be born lucky than rich”, says the old proverb. Should lay boards of directors be abolished? The one, are precise, accurate, and indispensable. Evidently all data on which appointment or promotion is based should be matters of record, otherwise a perfectly well-ordered […]

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Topic paper research ideas controversial. The conservative spirit of religion is seen to have been the means of securing the consolidation and stability of society which was necessary for the well-being and strength of every community; without this it could not have survived. The notion of a good story entertained […]

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list research paper topics easy of. Louis. A real experiment never fails: you always get your answer–yes or no. Therefore I have made many enemies and few friends; for the public know nothing of well-wishers, and keep a wary eye on those that would reform them. Mr. For as to […]

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Father my class english write essay 6. Of Raphael, only because he was not struck, that is, did not sympathise with the divine mind within. It marks, however, a higher level of agreeable consciousness. His creed was the antithesis of common sense, loyalty excepted. Nothing, indeed, has more of that […]

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cv popular examples school. L—— could not bear Gil Blas. In the year-counts or winter-counts of the American tribes, the years were very generally signified by circles arranged in rows or spirals. It is what we do to the books–to and with them–that matters. These are the only instances in […]

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We are unable as well as unwilling to connect the feeling of high intellect with low moral sentiment: the one is a kind of desecration of the other. A board of trustees is derelict in its duty if it does not require all this, and also hold its librarian rigidly […]

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It is where a phrase is represented by pictures of objects whose names bear some resemblance in sound to the words employed. Allowing, as seems certain, that the play-impulse is inherited, can we point out any psychological connection between the two? How little value attaches to any such generalizations you […]