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The modes of furniture change less rapidly than those of dress; because furniture is commonly more durable. It is of course not the actual information acquired, but the conformity which the accumulation of knowledge is apt to impose, that is harmful. He will readily answer, that of _superiority_. Preux wonders […]

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Of similar malevolent disposition is the _Chan Pal_, Little Boy, who lurks in the woods and is alleged to bring the small-pox into the villages. This is a fundamental logical distinction between the two classes of languages. That this organic swell is a large factor, is, I think, shown in […]

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Essay maid vermeer kitchen the analysis. By being productive of the greatest good, they are the natural and approved objects of the liveliest gratitude. scene i, the dialogue of the political ladies, and the Prologue of Sylla’s ghost. The principal resource for the repression of crime was by giving free […]

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The fact, noted above, {185} that children only laugh in response to tickling when they are in a pleasurable state of mind seems to confirm the hypothesis that the love of fun, which is at the bottom of tickling and makes it perhaps the earliest clear instance of mirthful play […]

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The argument which he made use of will be seen from the following reply which I published in _The American Antiquarian_, September, 1885: THE TAENSA GRAMMAR AND DICTIONARY. His spirits are always even, he has regular exercise, and his good nature is proverbial; nothing vexes him, unless it be, threatening […]

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Each, though marked off from the things of the real serious world, has to do with these in a manner. It is this fluctuation and vain recollection, together with the emotion or movement of the spirits that they excite, which constitute the sentiment properly called _Wonder_, and which occasion that […]

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He would reject with horror even the imagination of so execrable a design; and if he could imagine himself capable of such an enormity, he would begin to regard to himself in the same odious light in which he had considered the person who was the object of his dislike. […]

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Galt will also be pleased with this answer! I have already alluded to the danger of capture by a political machine, but there are other interests more subtle and quite as dangerous. The desire of the esteem and admiration of other people, when for qualities and talents which are the […]