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Mesopotamia essay topics. To express relation, therefore, by a variation in the name of the co-relative object, requiring neither abstraction, nor generalization, nor comparison of any kind, would, at first, be much more natural and easy, than to express it by those general words called prepositions, of of which the […]

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Then came Lorenz, who had held the victim when the blow was struck: for him the mouth frothed and the wound bled. Had these been controlled by a respect for impersonal reason, for common sense, for the objectivity of science, it would have been better for him. Wyndham overrates Sidney, […]

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System surely requires close conservation of valuable time; by promptness, by quickness, by keeping the cobwebs from one’s brain, and above all, by silence, relative if not absolute. They will be the “lucky ones”. When once the liquor _gets into his head_, to use the common phrase, the force which […]

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Proofreading au popular services speech. What the habit of a quick humorous perception does for its subject here is best described, perhaps, as the fostering of a pure and wholesome atmosphere in the soul, in which disease-germs must perforce die of inanition. But still there is some fault in having […]

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Many natives who had grown to adult years in heathenism must have been living then. APPENDIX. In the eighteenth century there arose a school, associated with the names of the third Lord Shaftesbury and Francis Hutcheson, the Scotch philosopher, which became known as the “moral sense” school, widely different from […]

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The game of fortune is, for the most part, set up with counters; so that he who will not cut in because he has no gold in his pocket, must sit out above half his time, and lose his chance of sweeping the tables. Their substance is the same. Philosophy […]