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LET not the plan proposed in the previous chapter make too hasty an impression, or cause the reader to be too sanguine as to the result, however it may bear the semblance to truth and reality; but, if upon inquiry, consideration, and inspection, it is found to originate in facts, […]

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_Of the Sense of_ TOUCHING. Similarly we ought not to expect a school remote from public library facilities to specialize in public library work, or a school in close connection with a public library to produce assistants for the work of a university library. To enforce their objection, the adversaries […]

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The maid’s village acquaintance—if it could succeed in stifling envious admiration—would doubtless draw a more rollicking enjoyment from the spectacle. III. There is scarcely such a thing as an English book to be met with, unless, perhaps, a dusty edition of Clarissa Harlowe lurks in an obscure corner, or a […]

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a plan business pharmacy new service writing for a. As hinted in the preceding chapter, we may easily exaggerate the more serious function of laughter, and this point will be made clearer in subsequent chapters. The agreement or disagreement both of the sentiments and judgments of other people with our […]

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Professional essay personal sample masters. There is likewise no statement of this case on record, from which any satisfactory information can be drawn. I believe, indeed, that Dr. The writing is very much defaced, but was evidently of a highly artistic character, probably the most so of any manuscript known. […]

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He is, together with No. Johnson’s definition accounts for. Returning to the sleeper he slipped the bloody weapon back to its place. That in the opera of Isse, which imitated that murmuring in the leaves of the oaks of Dodona, which might be supposed to precede the miraculous pronunciation of […]

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It is not simply that he has a critical tradition behind him, and that Arnold is using a language which constantly tempts the user away from dispassionate exposition into sarcasm and diatribe, a language less fitted for criticism than the English of the eighteenth century. It is repeatedly referred to […]

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The nicest instruments cannot express the extreme minuteness of these intervals. In what direction is the library moving in each of these respects? Twenty years later, we find in Beaumanoir abundant evidence of the success of St. Some one has remarked that in the earliest stage of an invention people […]

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persuasive essay samples topics. One chief limitation of the more common kind of laughter arises from the circumstance that it is apt to be disagreeable to the person who is its object. (12) That the sight of a man winning in a struggle or getting the better of another in […]