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They had, however, like the latter, a series of measurements from the ground to certain points of the body, and they used a special terminal particle, _bem_ (probably from _be_, to go), “up to” to indicate such measurements, as _vexibem_, up to the girdle (_vex_, girdle, _i_, connective, _bem_, up […]

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He answered, that they undoubtedly did all this; but that their smallness and distance hindered us from perceiving it. The children of cousins, being still less connected, are of still less importance to one another; and the affection gradually diminishes as the relation grows more and more remote. In another […]

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Woodward calls it blue clay. His existence is intellectual, _ideal_: it is hard to say he takes no interest in what he is. Between sheepishness and conceit, he is in a very ludicrous situation. It has been longer and more completely established in England than in Scotland; and remote relations […]

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In most cases he avoids mentioning his own misfortune; and his company, if they are tolerably well bred, are careful to say nothing which can put him in mind of it. I am convinced that some surprises might be in store for us. Some of the worst books are artistically […]

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Thesis ideas topics film. To obtain the conveniences which these afford, he submits in the first year, nay, in the first month of his application, to more fatigue of body and more uneasiness of mind than he could have suffered through the whole of his life from the want of […]

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writing using an is essay cheating service gif. The author uses words and expressions not in accordance with modern standards of propriety, although not contrary to those of his own time. Its dialogue at its best has, along with its coarseness, an unmistakable brilliance of wit. This is shown in […]

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It is said that habit is necessary to produce affection. I believe that it would be profitable for publishers to pay us for putting their books on our shelves. According to the common assumption, laughter, in ordinary cases, is excited by some provocative, to speak more precisely, by some sense-presentation, […]

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This might be taken to mean that the laughter of a savage is much like our own. The emotion in his poetry will be a very complex thing, but not with the complexity of the emotions of people who have very complex or unusual emotions in life. I think I […]

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You will do me an injustice, however, if you think that I have simply been demonstrating the non-existence of luck. This humility appears sometimes to sink them into idiotism. In the former, they are not always considered as {192} such. Possibly the existence of two unrelated words in our own […]

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‘Apply the most cutting remark to him, and his only answer is, “_The same to you, sir_.” If Shakespear were to rise from the dead to confute him, I firmly believe it would be to no purpose. The library stands ready to help these people, if they will only come. […]