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Many countries, that have been destroyed, bear melancholy witness to the truth of history, and show the tops of their houses and the spires of their steeples, still standing at the bottom of the water. This god was said by the Caribs to have torn the islands of the West […]

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He advances into his place in the House of Lords, with head erect, and his best foot foremost. A rough classification and analysis of the results that a librarian may be expected to accomplish may not be out of place here. EXAMPLES of Nature endeavouring to combat with herself are […]

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Best site for writer masters. The teachers express this, when they admit the public library at all into the educational pantheon, by saying that it may “continue the work of the school.” This is a one-sided way of looking at the matter–as one-sided as it would be to say that […]

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The father is apt to feel less paternal tenderness for the child; the child, less filial reverence for the father. When this occurs again and again, it is probable that organic modifications may be effected by the simultaneous action of the double stimulus. The sailor, who, as soon as he […]

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1000, it is evident that a broad and extensive estuary divided this part of the eastern coast, not only in the time of its most ancient inhabitants, but for a long period after the Saxon Conquest, extending its waters westward to the city of Norwich, northward to Caistor, Reedham, Herringby, […]

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job letter application executive assistant for cover. All regarded it as an act of divine inspiration, even to inquire about which would be sacrilege. The laughing mood in these cases is understandable as a rioting in newly realised powers, a growing exultation as the consciousness of ability to produce striking […]

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The will to do, the power to think, is a progressive faculty, though not the capacity to feel. Very early in the history of armorial bearings, we find a class of scutal devices called in Latin _arma cantantia_, in English _canting arms_, in French _armes parlantes_. Hutcheson imagines; or in […]

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Nature has directed us to the greater part of these by original and immediate instincts. This applies more particularly to such feelings as the admiration of a beautiful landscape or a fine bit of harmonised melody. Tickling is clearly only a special modification of the teasing impulse. Even here, therefore, […]

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Text essay of law clause 14th due amendment process. It is the same in both instances—the effort to express the whole proposition in one word. They cry to him with fury, to defend or to revenge himself. To say that my perception of a big woman hanging upon the arm […]