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When, for example, Macaulay complains that in these comedies the husbands are treated {373} as objects of contempt and aversion, whereas the gallants are decked out with all the graces, he might have remembered the old _Contes_ and bethought him that this was an elementary condition of the artificial world, […]

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letter format word essay 10000. Among savages and early communities, writes one authority, when their chieftain sat in his hall with his warriors, they amused themselves by turning enemies and opponents into mockery, laughing at their weaknesses, joking on their defects, giving them nicknames, and so forth.[176] The savage—again like […]

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Authors, as they write, may be said to ‘hear a sound so fine, there’s nothing lives ’twixt it and silence.’ Even musicians generally compose in their heads. And are we not, commonly at least, affected by others’ voluminous laughter as by a droll sight and sound, which directly stimulates the […]

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The propriety or impropriety of his endeavours might be of great consequence to him. —– CHAP. The imagination had been accustomed to conceive such objects as tending rather to rest than motion; and this idea of their natural {363} inertness, encumbered, if one may say so, and clogged its flight […]

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Make to ways out your stand essay scholarship 4. One of the earliest developments of a feeling of professional pride in one’s work is an insistence on the adequate training of the workers and on the establishment of standards of efficiency both for workers and work. This modification of the […]

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It is so disagreeable to think ill of ourselves, that we often purposely turn away our view from those circumstances which might render that judgment unfavourable. Such imitations, however, never deceive us; their resemblance to the original objects is always much inferior to that of artificial fruits and flowers. Painting […]

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Neither was the complexness of this system the sole cause of the dissatisfaction, which the world in general began, soon after the days of Purbach, to express for it. In the perfect dualism of Mazdeism, the Yazatas, or angels of the good creation, were always prompt to help the pure […]

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These are maintained with scrupulous exactitude through generations, and three centuries of daily commingling with the white race have scarcely altered their grammar or phonetics. Then there are varieties of the deformed which probably involve special kinds of droll suggestiveness. The more intense these principles and convictions are, the stronger […]

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They place some of them above any Aryan language. They do not trim, but they are rivetted to their own sullen and violent prejudices. In other cases an enormous weight of iron hoops and chains, amounting democracy and authoritarianism essay to twenty-five or thirty stone, would be accumulated on the […]

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I saw, not long since, a small dog undergoing the process of chaining by his mistress before she took him into a shop. It is remarked by Dr. They will have their reward in advance, since pure and honest laughter, like mercy, blesses him that gives, and him that takes. […]