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Alone I did it. Hope grows faint and fainter; a grievous wound seems to place Carrouges at the mercy of his adversary, until at the last moment, when all appeared lost, she sees the avenger drive his sword through the body of his prostrate enemy, vindicating at once his wife’s […]

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I shall illustrate this subject from a passage in Shakespear. The odoriferous body, which is generally too at some distance from us, is supposed to act upon our organs by means of certain small particles of matter, called Effluvia, which being sent forth in all possible directions, and drawn into […]

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Ability of survey critical assessment thinking. The one can do what the other cannot. What M. The idea of the utility of all qualities of this kind, is plainly an afterthought, and not what first recommends them to our approbation. If it were possible to contrive a perfect language, consistent […]

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What is the love of books; and what is there in books that one may love? I will not deny that some of them may, like Chaucer’s characters, have been modernised a little; but I think I could re-translate a few of them into their mother-tongue, the original honest _black-letter_. […]

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Was history violent french considered. This was no mean possession, and I availed myself of it with no sparing hand. Then they are right and wrong, true or false, as they follow in her steps and copy her style. Yet in the Mexican language (and many other American tongues) french […]

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This organized violence assumed for itself the sanction of a religion of love and peace, and human intelligence seemed too much blunted to recognize the contradiction. The star sparkles on his breast, and the garter is seen bound tight below his knee. Of late the Committee is making an effort […]

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I saw Holcroft down stairs, and, on coming to the landing-place in Mitre-court, he stopped me to observe, that ‘he thought Mr. But be not, I pray, too stern a censor. And here let me say that this compelling power, this effective result of a book should speak in its […]

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The violator of the laws of a sweatshop romance justice ought to be made to feel himself that evil which he has done to another; and since no regard to the sufferings of his brethren is capable of restraining him, he ought to be over-awed by the fear of his […]

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layout 100 college views essay. He suspects his best friends. It may not be out of place to add a suggestion here as to the applicability of the methods of inductive metrology to American monuments. By my hatred of tyrants I knew what their hatred of the free-born spirit of […]

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But we reverence that reserved, that silent and majestic sorrow, which discovers itself only in the swelling of the eyes, in the quivering of the lips and cheeks, and in the distant, but affecting, coldness of the whole behaviour. Of course the fun is greater if the foreigner stumbles unwittingly […]