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sites critical essay esl editor. How many instances might I quote! As its ideas move more rapidly than external objects, it is continually running before them, and therefore anticipates, before it happens, every event which falls out according to this ordinary course of things. It is putting the effect before […]

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I might give other instances, but these will be sufficient to explain the argument, or set others upon elucidating it more clearly. He must rely on the information, direct or secondhand, of experts. The ideas are written down in the brain as in the page of a book—_totidem verbis et […]

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The printed cyclopedia in umpty-seven volumes is lucky if it catches up with year before last; it may do for your private library where the skilful agent has induced you to put it, but it is worthless in the Business Man’s collection, except on the rare occasions when he wants […]

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You have not the remotest hint of the milliner, the dancing-master, the dealer in paints and patches. Shoals of sand of various length, breadth, and depth, appear and disappear, form and re-form, in the offing.—In north-westerly gales only are they solid, stable, and compact, and increase in breadth, while the […]

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Our author does his best to show that mere incongruity, where nothing is degraded, does not raise the laugh. Spurzheim altogether explodes the doctrine of a difference in constitutional temperaments, the sanguine, the phlegmatic, and so on; because this difference, being general, is not consistent with his special organs. The […]

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He has no hit, and no left-hand. Can the dead return? At other times, his eloquence is displayed in imitations of various celebrated characters. Their splendour, he seems to think, reflects a splendour upon those who are much about them. The strong tendency to laugh which many persons experience during […]

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It must happen that, in the course of time and the variety of human capacity, some persons will have struck out finer observations, reflections, and sentiments than others. I have known of recourse to library registration lists by the police, to find a fugitive from justice; by private detectives, ostensibly […]

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It never rains but it pours. On the contrary, the most sacred regard is due to them; and the actions which this virtue requires are never so properly performed, as when the chief motive for performing them is a reverential and religious regard to those general rules which require them. […]