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His imagination, in this case too, anticipates the contempt and derision from which nothing saves him but the ignorance of those he lives with. Relations being usually placed in situations which naturally create this habitual sympathy, it is expected that a suitable degree of affection should take place among them. […]

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Or he is a person of elegant accomplishments, dresses well, and is an ornament to a private circle. How many men in one of the highly civilised communities of to-day may have learned to keep their heads above the water by the practice of a gentle laughter, no one knows […]

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Of global free warming effects essay on. From all which I infer, that when languages were beginning to be formed, nouns adjective would by no means be the words of the earliest invention. They should be assumed in response to a demand–expressed or latent. On the contrary, the mirth of […]

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house essay and fog sand of. Yet to describe the effect here as due to breach of rule and lapse of dignity is certainly not to give a full account of the _modus operandi_ of this variety of the laughable. In a peculiar sense he will be aware also that […]

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If false appearances have to be kept up, so much the better. We are dealing here with imponderables, as I have said, but the most imponderable thing of all, and the most potent, is the human mind. To write on their plan, it was at least necessary to read and […]

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It presupposes in its possessor the presence of a particular assemblage of qualities which may be expected to be rare; and a study of the development both of the individual and of the race tells us that this grouping of qualities is, of all the products of nature’s laboratory, one […]

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The bark may not be able to adjust itself to our quick explosions of gaiety. Glisson attributed to matter a particular activity, and to the animal fibre a specific irritability. Alas! For though exercise is one of the most powerful means of withdrawing the determination of the nervous energy and […]

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To be aware, however indistinctly, that the world has its serious side, is to lose the child’s note of pure mirth, is to have a touch of sadness added to our laughter. And now her wild and anxious gaze Is fixed upon his swarthy cheek, And faint and feebly she […]

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Editor academic website phd top for essay. Von Tschudi, whose admirable analysis of this interesting tongue cannot be too highly praised, explains them as “verbal roots which never reached independent development, or fragments handed down from some earlier epoch of the evolution of the language.”[298] They are therefore true synthetic […]

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Pietro Aldobrandini, a monk of Vallombrosa, urged by his superior, the holy S. But, as there was no void, no one part of matter could be moved without thrusting some other out of its place, nor that without thrusting some other, and so on. The agonies of Hercules and Hippolytus […]